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A wide range of symptoms and ailments have been helped at Down To Earth Health over the years.

Common symptoms that I help regularly such as:

Anxiety | Bloating | Eczema | Hayfever | Diarrhoea | Wind | Fibromyalgia | Headaches | Muscle Pain | Mood Swings | IBS | Fatigue & Tiredness | Migraines | Menopause | PMT

can be aggravated by Food Intolerances.  These intolerances are becoming more common as specific foods have been changed over the decades and make it more difficult for us to process them.  They are often hidden in foods so our intake of them has also increased quite dramatically.

Looking at the Digestive System is usually the first area that I look at in most people who come and see me.  The reason for this is that the food we eat is meant to give us energy and then we should eliminate the waste in a timely manner.  If this is not the case, even people who eat a healthy varied diet will have problems with their health.

Candida and other bacterial infections can also cause a lot of symptoms that will continue unless brought back to a harmonious level that your body can cope with easily.

A range of holistic therapies and products, along with gift vouchers, corporate packages, workshops and classes are available for you at Down to Earth Health.

Enjoy your journey toward wellness throughout this site as you read about the treatments, products, events, here at Down To Earth Health!  Have a look at what other people have said on what they experience in the Testimonials Section.  Feel free to get in touch with me using the contacts page and I would also be delighted if you connect with me via Social Media for special offers and tips.