Rosemary Dean


As the proprietor of Down To Earth Health, I (Rosemary Dean) love meeting people who want to improve their health and helping them achieve that.  In my previous working life I had great times working in a variety of places including the fundraising department of Great Ormond Street Hospital and the silverware department in Harrods.  All of my jobs had a positive influence on where I am today in my life and I am thankful to each and everyone of them and what they taught me.


I started my kinesiology training back in the 90s as a hobby and within a month I knew I had found my true path in life.  I set about studying in earnest doing the year Foundation Course I passed the exam.  I then began the 2 year Systematic Kinesiology Diploma in London.

The study bug had bit by then, I began my training in Homeobotanicals and and in 2002 I became a Foundation Member of the British Chapter of the Homeobotanical Institute.  Also in 2002, I started my Diploma in Holistic Massage and in March 2003 I gained a Credit in Holistic Massage with ITEC.

March 2003 was also the month I moved to the Scottish Borders. I spent the first year commuting to London every fortnight to treat clients and to teach Kinesiology.  At this time I was co-teaching for the second year on the Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner Course in London with Stephanie Mills, who was also one of the senior staff teaching me in the late 90s.  I had also been asked to cover maternity leave for a practitioner treating her clients as well as my own, so it was a very busy time.

By 2004, I decided that Scotland was definitely going to be my home.  I resigned from my teaching commitment and focused on building my business in the Borders.  I’ve loved doing it ever since.

Later that decade, I decided to do a two year Nutrition Diploma in Glasgow.  This was really interesting as it was very naturopathic in it’s approach so looks at natural laws as well as food and supplements.  This blended very well with my other therapies and as I have a special love for the digestion system in the body it really is a helpful tool.

In 2012, I trained in London as a zest4life practitioner.  This allows me to encourage people with weight issues to work in groups, individually or by telephone.  This has been a positive addition to my work also.


At present I am doing some coaching myself with Jack Canfield Success Training.  This is to help me identify what areas I would like to further develop in my business and for my personal development also.  I feel in it is really important for a practitioner to look after themselves as well as looking after others.  I look forward to what the next few years bring.

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