What are Homeobotanicals?

Homeobotanicals are concentrated blends of liquid herbal extracts and tinctures and they taste really good. 

During a session, a choice is made depending on your symptoms and are then blended, diluted and potentized to release a healing energy that seems quite unique.

There are 42 blended basic remedies that can be further blended with each other to meet your needs and requirements. 

Homeobotanical remedies have distinct actions on the body:-

Physical Action

This can include the elimination of toxicity from specific areas in the body.

The nutritional aspect helps assimilate minerals and other micronutrients.

The synergistic action reinforces what other healing techniques are also occurring.

Dynamic Action

The potentization enables your blended remedy to directly stimulate healing within your body.

The low potency generally produces a gentle sustained response that is very helpful for sensitive people.

Vibrational Medicine

I make up the blend for you myself as personal energies and healing intent are imprinted on the remedies during potentization.  Bach Flower or other essences may also be included in the blend when extra emotional support is required.  They may also be used in a balm to make an ointment to apply topically to the skin if required or if a client cannot tolerate alcohol as there is alcohol in them to preserve them.

Homeobotanicals can be used in a stand-alone session if you want or integrated with a Kinesiology session (most common) or during a massage.  I am happy to advise and assist you.

There is no One Way to Health

During the Stand-Alone Treatment

During the consultation, I listen to your background information and what your symptoms are now.  I may ask questions to get further clarification or to see if seemingly separate occurrences may have a common denominator.  After I have gained a good picture of your health status, I then make a choice of remedies and let you know what the choices are.  Usually there will be three different remedies blended to form 1 bottle and I may also include other essences such as the Bach Flower essences.  Again I will tell you what the reason is for the choice.  The remedy is then blended and potentized for you to take away with you or be posted to you.

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