What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is another name for muscle testing and is a great path to better health using emotions, nutrition, massage and a host of other tools and techniques.

It evaluates various aspects of your body and allows me to present a whole of body picture. It is not a way of diagnosing diseases.

There are five pathways in the body that work in an intricate and interwoven way.  These are the:

  •  Nervous (Communication) system
  •  Lymphatic (Cleansing & Immunity)system
  •  Vascular (blood) system
  •  Cerebrospinal (Brain/Spine) Fluid
  •  Meridian (Accupuncture) System

Food Intolerances is one of the most well known aspects of kinesiology and is a very useful way to check for challenging foods or substances.  This can also be used to find out what foods restore and energise your body.

During the session

Clothing is kept on, and I work through the clothing.  The muscle tests may be done on nay of the limbs and gentle pressure is used.  This is not a test of physical strength. 

When doing the rebalancing techniques or corrections as they are often called I may massage specific points related to organs/glands or I may hold points on the head or jaw.  Nutritional supplements, essences, oils, colour can all be checked to see what specific requirements your body wants to restore its vitality.

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