What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is another name for muscle testing and is a great path to better health using emotions, nutrition, massage and a host of other tools and techniques.

It evaluates various aspects of your body and allows me to present a picture of how your glands, organs, lymphatic system, nervous system, circulation along with your muscles and bone structure are working. It is not a way of diagnosing diseases.

There are five pathways in the body that work in an intricate and interwoven way.  These are the:

  •  Nervous (Communication) system
  •  Lymphatic (Cleansing & Immunity)system
  •  Vascular (blood) system
  •  Cerebrospinal (Brain/Spine) Fluid
  •  Meridian (Accupuncture) System

To a Kinesiologist like myself, I look at all of these areas and combine different corrections to stimulate, calm and balance these systems so they work in harmony with each other and help to restore your health.

During The Treatment

When doing Kinesiology, I generally work through clothing.  I may use one muscle to test or several. You may be asked to hold specific areas of the body with gentle pressure or I may apply the pressure myself.  At each point I will explain what I am doing and why.  To do the correctional side of the treatment, I may work on reflex lymphatic massage points through the clothing, run the meridian pathways, hold points to ease stress and to improve blood supply to an area of the body, and much more.  At the end of the treatment, I usually make recommendations and suggestions that you can do at home to help support your body between treatments.

Kinesiology works within a “triad of health” the three aspects are Structural,

Chemical and Mental.  Any of these aspects when out of balance will affect the other two and therefore the whole body.

Want to know more?


This is when an area of the body is out of balance and gives rise to structural symptoms such as lower back pain, shoulder pain often involving the rotator cuff, joint pain in general.  It can also include muscle pain and may stem from an accident, sports injury, postural problems or other traumas.


This includes a diverse range of the body.  The Digestive system and its many complaints could be from a chemical source as our nutrition or nutrients from the food we eat are chemical in nature.  From the larger structures of the food we eat like protein, carbohydrates, and the smaller nutrients such as vitamin & minerals to the tiny phytonutrients such as iodine we have to eat a wide range of foods to ensure a proper balance is maintained.  Food Intolerances can have a detrimental effect on our health and these can also be checked using Kinesiology.  This is a very common occurrence nowadays and doesn’t have to mean you will never be able to eat specific foods again.

Other chemical aspects of the body include hormones.  These are made by our endocrine glands i.e. adrenal/thyroid and are critical to our health & wellbeing.  Hormone glands when out of balance can cause problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations, skin problems, depression, fatigue, headaches, so it is vital to keep them working correctly.


This is where our emotions can affect the body.  We all have emotions and they are a gift even when it feels like they aren’t.  It is generally the emotions such as anger, grief and fear that are more noticeable to us as they can be stressful.  When life changes as it does periodically, it can cause discomfort with a huge range of symptoms.  Modern medicine is becoming more aware of this now.  The phrase “it’s all in your head” hopefully is no longer used in the medical world, and yet it may be just the case.  Your head or wherever you feel your emotions live in your body needs help and support.  We all have fears, worries or things that stress us and at times they can get a bit beyond us and that is when it is good to put your hand up and say “I need help”.  This doesn’t mean you are weak, it is imperative for your continuing health to realize when things are not right and do something about it.  Some of the most courageous clients I have seen and been helped are the ones who showed emotional symptoms and asked for Help.

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