About Down to Earth Health


A range of holistic, natural therapies and selected products for their efficacy in either in-person (government and associations restrictions in place at present do not allow this type of contact) and/or online/telephone settings are available for you.

  • new online membership
  • various courses
  • gift vouchers
  • corporate packages

are all at your disposal too.  Feel free to explore the website and get in touch with me if you would like more information or when you want to book an appointment.

Be assured…. A high professional standard is guaranteed both in my initial training and my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of which I do an abundance.

Be balanced…. Different therapies offer different results depending on your starting point.  Regain your inner harmony and balance.  Feel the difference.

Be committed….  Making yourself the priority in your life to incorporate slow and steady changes in line with my recommendations will be a part of this process.  I am committed to you and your health, together we can develop goals and encourage you with making changes in bite-sized chunks that are doable for you.

Be revitalised…. There is a tranquil restful space awaiting you, this environment along with the therapeutics works on rebalancing and revitalising your energy.

Be thoughtful…. We all know someone who could do with a lift, why not buy them a gift of well-being to show you are thinking of them.