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A wide range of symptoms and ailments are helped at Down To Earth Health.

Common symptoms that I help regularly are:

Anxiety | Bloating | Eczema | Hayfever | Diarrhoea | Wind | Fibromyalgia | Headaches | Muscle Pain | Mood Swings | IBS | Fatigue & Tiredness | Migraines | Menopause | PMT

A reduction in the level of your symptoms is key to you, and it is to me also.  Whether it be joint pain, headaches, tummy bloat, menopausal symptoms, your life will improve without those pesky ailments.  However, they didn’t happen overnight, and generally they take a few weeks to reduce or disappear.  That is why you come for the first two or three sessions close together.  Your body learns a new way to work in this period.

These ailments can be further aggravated by Food Intolerances.  This is the reason your diet is so important and why I discuss it with you during your consultation.

Looking at your Digestive System is usually the first area I review, as the food we eat is meant to energise and nourish us.   We should then eliminate our waste in a timely manner.  If this is not the case, even people who eat a healthy varied diet can have problems with their health.

A range of holistic therapies and products along with:

  • gifts
  • vouchers
  • corporate packages
  • workshops
  • classes

are available for you at Down to Earth Health.

Enjoy your journey toward wellness throughout this site as you read about the treatments, products, events, here at Down To Earth Health!  Have a look at what other people have said on what they experience in the Testimonials Section.  Feel free to get in touch with me by email or phone and  I would  be delighted if you connect with me via Social Media for special offers and tips.