Success Stories

I am proud to have been able to help many clients over the years. Some clients have left me lovely feedback and testimonials. Please take a look as their story/symtoms and treatment needs may be similar to yours.

Hay fever, Tiredness, Overwhelmed

I first came to see Rosemary Dean because I had a problem living in close proximity to oil seed rape. You treated me successfully but also picked up that I was exhausted living with my husband who had chronic health problems, elderly parents and aunt.

I was very tired all the time, few friends to confide in and often very fed up. I seldom sat down – did many miles of driving and my husbands health problems often changed. I had to learn now to be a dialysis nurse – private time was walking the dogs and holidays were no longer possible.

Rosemary, you helped by listening – you were always supportive, positive and caring. Your little bottles of drops were often changed depending on how I was coping and dealing with life. You always got the drops right, you encouraged me to take B-Complex, Magnesium, Omega Fish Oils and they all helped me.

I now feel much more content within myself. After the death of my husband your care and support of me and my family helped me very much, 18 months on, I still have times when I need some drops and you are there with a bottle.

Would I recommend you? Yes, Yes, Yes

Female, Widowed, Mid-60s, Kelso Area

I came to Down to Earth Health to see Rosemary due to my lack of energy, my shoulder and back pain and I needed to lose some weight.

These symptoms were chronic and longstanding. I also had breathing problems which also meant I tired easily.

A combination of Kinesiology, Massage & Dietary Advice all helped enormously. It’s also very useful to be taking the right supplements to support my system instead of relying on guesswork.

The benefits I have felt include feeling better balanced, less pain and I have lost nearly a stone in 5 months without suffering! I would be very happy to recommend Rosemary

- Joint Pain, Tiredness & Weight

Male, 60s, Selkirk Area

Low Energy, Joint Pain & IBS

When I first visited Rosemary, I was very weak and desperate. I had suffered too much weight loss and was at a low point.

A lack of energy, poor muscle tone, very bad skin condition, IBS which disrupted my life, chronic joint pain, knee pain all limited my activities.

Rosemary’s gentle but effective treatment helped the energy to flow, eased and relaxed my mind and body. I was able to completely trust the process. The recommended supplements have proved helpful.

I have gradually gained in strength as chronic symptoms lessened and enjoy up-hill walking again!

I would recommend Rosemary and have already recommended two people who have both benefited.

Female, 60s, Selkirk Area

Restriction of Movement

I felt my hips were always tight – it was inguinal and it affected the rotation/allowance of the pelvic girdle to allow movement – there was restriction.

At times, the inside of my hips felt tight, sometimes shooting pains would affect my posture, and I worried what it would be! I ride horses and need the movement to be free to allow my horses to move (they mirror your posture restrictions and bracing) This would show up for 6-8 weeks and I never knew why it happened.

We did muscle testing (Kinesiology) and tested for allergies and food intolerances – you always listened to how I felt emotionally and physically and were always an amazing support. You worked on my inguinals and stomach/tummy muscles and releases. You were always kind, focussed, considerate and gentle, never forcing anything to happen, always allowing change to happen.

The energy in my stomach changed – my posture improved and I felt more confident, I had more awareness of my body and how I felt.

Female, Berwickshire

S E, Female, Berwickshire

Anxiety & Energy

I have suffered from anxiety since childhood. This has affected my interactions with people and I developed panic attacks that were really debilitating. I also developed ME in my 40s. I have tried various therapies, and although helpful, the symptoms continued.

Information about Rosemary kept ‘popping up’ over a period of time. I decided it was time to ‘pay attention’ and visit her. From the beginning I felt very safe with her. She is very grounded in her approach and listens carefully to the words used to describe issues. I began to realize that my body was storing messages in my cells and paying attention to these messages and using releasing statements was the way to go. She asked me to take some B vitamins and also Vitamin C to help strengthen my nervous system. I have been taking these for a while now and feel much stronger. With her help, I also now follow a low GL eating plan and this has helped to balance my blood sugar and consequently my energy is more sustained.

One of the issues we uncovered was fear of judgment resulting in my trying very hard to be perfect and not being able to trust the bigger picture and more particularly trusting my own voice.

We worked with this during my last session and I felt a deep relaxation as I repeated a releasing statement while Rosemary worked with my energy system. As homework, I was asked to repeat this affirmation a few times every day to strengthen the message my body had been given. Since then, each time I feel a return to my fear of being judged, I repeat the affirmation and feel once again that peaceful place inside and a relaxation and a continuation of a release of a very old pattern.

Sessions with Rosemary are very supportive and a lot of fun. I would recommend her to anyone thinking about trying kinesiology, - yes it’s strange but it really works and changes can be very profound.

S.E. Female, Selkirkshire

I was in constant pain when I first came to see Rosemary.

I have osteo-arthritis, aching joints (shoulder and back pain) most of the time. This became worse in cold wet weather.

Rosemary started with giving me massages occasionally, later I decided to make it more regular and now attend her clinic every 2 weeks for a 30 minute massage.

My pain has decreased significantly and I have more mobility.

- In Constant Pain

J Rubrecht, Melrose, Female, 89 years

My friend recommended me to Rosemary about 5 years ago, as I had problems with constipation. I also had been on H.R.T for a few years and had decided to come off it.

Rosemary gave me something to help with hot flushes, and anxiety attacks. She gave me supplements which suited me to help my bones, immune system and general well being!

Rosemary recommended Kinesiology to help correct imbalances in my body, which greatly helped my constipation, as well as giving me more energy. I would not be able to function properly now without a session, at least every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain the proper balance in my body.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rosemary, as she has been a life saver in helping me with my problems.

- Digestive & Menopause

Female, 60, Melrose

I was very frustrated after 3 years of suffering from eczema on my face, arms and hands. I felt medical treatment offered was only a temporary ‘sticking plaster’ with no suitable long-term advice/treatment being offered.

I had eczema on my eyelids, hands and arm. I couldn’t go out in certain weather conditions, be in contact with certain fabrics/perfumes/smells. I couldn’t use shower gels/shampoo/soap. I couldn’t go swimming with my son. I couldn’t exercise as the sweat irritated my skin. My skin was irritated by everything. I found it difficult to concentrate and sleep. I found it all really upsetting, embarrassed by my appearance, frustrated that it never stopped.

Rosemary was a godsend. Not only as a practitioner but also as confidante. She helped with the obvious, but also took time to explore the not so obvious. Following my first meeting I noticed immediate improvements ... through the subsequent elimination of certain foods and taking supplements I was amazed also to find that digestive issues (bloating, constipation, tiredness) and asthma which I had lived with for 15 years improved, as did my skin. While for me it’s been a long and continual process (which I was advised about) the effects were noticeable within the first weeks and months so I knew that things were progressing and at last a solution had been found and reasons explained, not just a sticking plaster offered.

While still of a sensitive disposition my skin reactions have calmed and I am not ultra sensitive. I can lead a normal life and enjoy activities that I couldn’t before. I continue to follow the diet and feel much healthier and more focused. I have a better understanding of me and also my body.

I was recommended by a friend to go and see Rosemary and I would certainly recommend her to others.

- Eczema, Digestive & Asthma

Female, 30s, Selkirkshire

Coming to see Rosemary was not, initially my idea. I was badgered into it by concerned friends who looking in could see what I couldn’t – that I was getting increasingly rundown, depressed and struggling to cope. So I phoned Rosemary to discuss how I was feeling following recent and not so recent events in my life and to see if she felt that she could really help me.

My first session was extremely emotional to say the least, a recent sudden bereavement had affected me deeply and that on top of other life events was taking it’s toll, I was struggling to keep going.

My symptoms included poor disrupted sleeping patterns, constant churning thoughts, lack of energy and focus (which scared me as I had recently landed my dream job) and difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings to those closest to me. I was also extremely fragile emotionally.

Straight away I was asked to take specific multi-vitamins and vitamin C and then magnesium was included to help me relax and sleep better. This had a huge effect on my sleeping patterns – for the first time in many years I was actually sleeping through the night which helped boost my energy levels.

To suit my needs, Rosemary used a combination of Kinesiology, Back Flower Remedies (which I also found beneficial and a huge comfort, the Bach mixes changing over the course of my treatment to suit my needs), emotional stress release technique and discussion to successfully get to the bottom of my issues.

I still have work to do but I am now in control and feeling stronger physically and emotionally. Rosemary has given me many tools to self-help and I also know that if/when I need to go back the option is always there.

I would strongly recommend Rosemary as a practitioner; her professionalism combined with her naturally friendly and cheery personality make sessions enjoyable, productive and never rushed.

- Rundown, Depressed & Struggling to Cope

K. P. Female, 30s, Selkirkshire

"Before I came to see Rosemary, I was feeling bloated and tired. I also had sinus problems and stiff joints. Generally, I was feeling at a low ebb. The main symptoms I had were digestive problems, which caused inconvenience i.e. diarrhoea. The sinus problems produced catarrh which could be anti-social and pain in my joints.

With Rosemary I had helpful consultations in a relaxed atmosphere. She recommended tablets/herbal remedies to relieve the symptoms and with the Kinesiology/Massage this helped to balance my body and aid stiff joints.

I have had a general improvement in mind and body and I would recommend other people to go and see Rosemary Dean. She enables one to be more self-aware of their health and gives one confidence."

- Digestive Problems

Female, 74yrs Melrose Area.

"We first spoke to Rosemary at a Kelso Show some 7 years ago, when she sold my husband Magnetic Insoles which has made such a difference to his ankles, he can get out of bed and walk, not hobble! When they wear out Rosemary sources another pair.
So, when we had planned a trip to America, involving a lot of flights, I contacted Rosemary as I am not a good traveller.

Once she realised I would like to sit in the captain’s seat, we worked on the issues I had with me always wanting to be in control. Although I am not afraid of flying I suffer travel sickness, as with all modes of transport, unless in driving seat. Rosemary suggested foods, drinks that would help plus supplied my potions as I talk about, made up from the Bach Flowers.

The actual Kinesiology treatment is unusual but very effective and obviously alerts Rosemary to any problems. Therefore, not only did Rosemary work with me on how to take the stress out of the flying but she started to help with other issues.

Over the years, I have called on Rosemary, and she always listens and without you realising she is asking you questions and watching your body language to get a better insight of the particular problem.

Apart from feeling the benefit from a visit to Rosemary, I have been astounded at the work our bodies and brains do and find it so interesting with of course the mantra – drink plenty water!"

- Travel Sickness & Stress of Flying

LB, 61years, Lilliardsedge

"I had been seriously ill, in and out of hospital, and was very low both physically and psychologically, when a friend suggested I go to see Rosemary.

I had constant fatigue, I was just surviving from day to day and was prone to infection with regular bouts of bronchitis and even shingles.

At first it was muscle testing (Kinesiology) and Rosemary suggested I take probiotics, magnesium and a special vitamin to speed healing after a complicated venal operation. More importantly, Rosemary allowed me to talk a lot about the deep effect childhood trauma had had on my life. She dealt with all this using Kinesiology.

I went to see Rosemary over an 18 month period, and gradually, Rosemary helped me to deal with certain fears, phobias and memories. I felt cleansed and vital again physically and emotionally."

- Constant Fatigue & Trauma

Female, 60s Roxburghshire

“An excellent program, clearly explained, simple to follow. I definitely have felt more alive after 5 weeks. The food was varied, and feel satisfied, I have a more steady level of energy and am able to sustain activities more”.

- Weight Management

E Low, 60s Newtown St Boswells.

“I have really enjoyed the diet. Have lost 7lbs in 6 weeks. I found the first few weeks transition difficult but it has changed my eating habits hopefully forever. Energy and mood have both improved too. The group was helpful as it was good to hear other peoples view. I now feel with the basics you have given me on changing my eating habits and portion sizes I can maintain this quite easily at home now. Thank you so much for your help.

- Weight Management

Fiona L. 30s, Hawick area

“Rosemary’s group was an educational, huge eye-opener for me as I had not idea just how sugar/carb (bad carbs!) dependent I was”.

- Weight Management

S.B. 50s, Berwickshire

“I am very motivated by my weight loss so far, I have enjoyed my GL food and been very satisfied and have noticed a big change in my health... Lost 7.8lbs in 6 weeks. Reduced waist by 4.5inches”.

- Weight Management

Sheila B, 50s, Roxburghshire

“I find I have more energy and enjoy the food and recipe ideas. I also have much less pain in my arthritic wrists. Losing almost 12lbs in 6 weeks has been amazing, I very rarely feel hungry and am looking forward to your encouragement to continue and new recipes in the coming months”.

- Weight Management

M. A., Female, 60s, Melrose area

"I had digestive problems with diarrhoea for quite some time which was diagnosed as lacking a food enzyme but couldn’t really get anything to cure it.

I didn’t like leaving the house. Travelling was a nightmare as was socialising. I became very nervous if going out which made the situation worse.

In August 2010 I came to see Rosemary Dean. Firstly a wheat intolerance was identified and she recommended a specific brand of food enzymes supplement which I still take daily. She also prescribed Vitamin B & Probiotics.

Seeing Rosemary for treatments brought huge benefits. I could go out travelling north 2/3 times per year on holiday. The food enzymes and no wheat were as far as I’m concerned a Life Saver.

I would most definitely recommend Rosemary to anyone who would like to improve their health."

- Digestive Problems

(Female, 70yrs, Melrose area)

“Thank you for giving me the impetus to get my weight down to what it used to be, I know I’m not there yet, but thanks to you, I have made a cracking start.

I found your presentations to be informative, interesting and not heard to follow or stick to.

I intend to continue with the diet with you. Thank you so much again.”

- Weight Management

Cheryl H, Galashiels area