Action Against Alzheimer’s (AAA)

Exciting, informative and applicable to everyone of us – this is Action Against Alzheimer’s.  If you have had someone close to you journey through dementia or Alzheimer’s then you will want to take Action to prevent it happening to you.

Up and down the country, alarm bells go off when a person goes “Missing” and rightly so.  Equally for past and present people involved in conflicts, there has always been the dread of receiving the news: “Missing In Action’.

Now, in the 21st century, we have millions going missing and we aren’t able to do anything about it.  These millions of “missing” are multiplying in our lifetime by a terrifying number.

At present there are 30 million people globally “living” with Alzheimer’s.

By 2050, it is going to be 160 million unless we do something about it. That is in excess of x 5 in the next 33 years!

Around the people are looking at it from different angles and finding out new information and getting different results. One of the people at the forefront of this research is Professor Dale Bredesen.

Rosemary has been using Cytoplan Ltd for the last 17years and knows them to be an ethical company with a philosophy for the last 25 years which is “diet & lifestyle are at the heart of most chronic diseases”.

They saw the work of Professor Bredesen in the US during 2014 when he published his paper ‘Reversal of cognitive Decline; a novel therapeutic programme’ in October 2014, and invited him to the UK to share it here and they then went to the US to gain further information from him.

Cytoplan Ltd are now promoting his work in this country using the diet and lifestyle principles developed by Professor Bredesen.  These have been shown in research to reverse cognitive decline in people with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  They are already working alongside some GPS including Dr Rangan Chattergee from the BBC One series “Doctor in the House”.  They also hope more GPs will follow.

Professor Bredesen has now demonstrated with at least 120 patients that Alzheimer’s which at present is viewed as:

  • Non-treatable
  • Non-preventable
  • Non-reversible
  • Is in fact,
  • Treatable,
  • Preventable
  • Reversible.
  • Medical science is now able to do something about Alzheimer’s and it will be interesting to see how quickly they move with this information.

Studies are now showing we are able to do something about Alzheimer’s and it will be interesting to see how quickly this information moves with into the mainstream. Obviously, further research is still ongoing.

In the interim, Cytoplan are training qualified practitioners to go out and share with the public (YOU) what we can.  Through the Introductory talks and follow on Programmes, Rosemary (now a licenced facilitator wit Cytoplan Ltd) will be sharing the information she has learned.

The introductory talk will share:

  • What is Alzheimer’s?
  • How it affects the brain?
  • What are the sub-types?
  • How Professor Bredesen looks at it?
  • What can you do immediately to prevent it?

The 8-week programme will go through in much more depth new tools and information that you can do. It will cover:

  • The food you eat,
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Optimising Gut Health (yes important for brain health)
  • Toxicity
  • Brain Stimulation

Alzheimer’s is not an illness that will be cured by 1 pill. There have been 244 different drugs produced to help Alzheimer’s and 243 of them have failed.  The one that is used only helps in a small number of people with limited results.

The Finger Study

In support of Professor Bredesen’s work a research article (The study, entitled the Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability (FINGER) was recently published in journal The Lancet.) (March 2015) described the effects of a multi-domain approach to prevent cognitive decline in Finland.  The findings from this large long-term controlled trial suggest that it could improve or maintain cognitive function.

Professor Bredesen’s protocol is also being looked at and is already being looked at to help people with Parkinson’s also.

Rosemary is passionate about bringing this to the Scottish Borders, to Scotland in general and to the people wherever.  “I watched my own mum during her journey through dementia and I don’t want to see anyone else I am close to  go down that road”.

Don’t end up as one of the 21st century “Missing”, take action now and learn how you can stay here in the present enjoying your life and your loved ones.  I invite you to take Action Against Alzheimer’s and book your place.