Candida Yeast Imbalance

June 25th, 2013

– Thursday 8th August 2013 9:30am – 5pm

Cravings, Cystitis, Depression, Fatigue & Foggy Brain can also be symptoms of a yeast imbalance within your body often known as Candida.

We all have yeast spores and it is only when they get out of balance or control that they cause problems. The cravings occur due to the yeast as it prefers sugary foods. A special diet, nutritional supplements, to promote clearing in the physical body, emotional aspects are checked (candida suffers are often prone to worry & perfectionism) & recommendations are made to support your body.

The clearing process will take a minimum of 28 days and depends on how long it’s been out of balance within you and how well you stick to the diet.

So if you feel Candida my be your body’s problem then get in touch and regain control of it.