Chakra Balance / Auric Massage

How does it work?

This is a beautiful energetic balance.  Chakras are wheel-shaped centres situated in the centre line of the body, with minor chakras in the limbs.  The aura is an invisible energy field surrounding the body.  Energy responds well to colour, essences, musical notes and these may all be combined in this session as well as directional flow.  An auric massage ends the treatment to ground and settle your energies before you return to the outside world again.  Re-balancing chakra energy re-connects you with Universal energy enabling joy and harmony to reside easily within you again.

What Can a Chakra Balance Help?

As it is an energetic balance, the following symptoms may be relevant.

Tiredness or Fatigue

Lethargy or Chronic Fatigue

Muscle Aches or Fibromyalgia

Joint Pain




Certain herbal blends from the Homeobotanical range work wonderfully to ease the symptoms that can be very tormenting to the sufferer.  Some of these remedies can be helpful to take after this such as RBD (Rainbow), this is helpful remedy for the Inner Child. The Bach Flowers can also be blended in with the Homeobotanical Remedies if required.  The wearing of specific colours may also be recommended.


Be Vibrant, Be Vital, Be Dynamic in Your Body’s Energy.