Emotional Balance

– Are things getting on top of you?

Why does it occur?

Emotions can build up inside until they reach as stage where life is becoming more and more difficult to stay involved with and withdrawing from the world occurs.  It can be harder for you to go out socializing and going to work can also be much more stressful than usual.  Even being in your own home can bring home feelings of panic at times.

Feelings of isolation, fear, sadness, panic may occur or a complete absence of feelings with an emptiness inside can also be felt.

These feelings can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Chemical Imbalance
  • Nutritional Deficiency
  • Bereavement/Divorce/Other Life Event
  • No specific reason

How do I help you?

All of the therapies that I use can work well with emotions.  Kinesiology is generally the one I would look to use initially.  Bach flower essences (you may have heard of Rescue Remedy) are a beneficial aid for our emotions.  Each individual essence is linked to an emotion so Mimulus is helpful for people who have fears of a known cause whereas Aspen is helpful for fears of an unknown origin, you just can’t put your finger on why anxiety/panic is present in your life.  There are others that are for “Overwhelm”, “Whirling Circular Thoughts like a Mental Treadmill”.  Using the Kinesiology I will find what your particular blend is and help you move forward toward a brighter future using tools such as affirming statements, acupuncture points, goal balancing, cross-crawl, emotional stress release and much more.

When the feelings are brought about by a chemical nature whether it be diet related causing your bodies own chemicals (hormones) to be out of kilter then looking at diet or supplementation can also be helpful.

Most clients who come with depression and/or anxiety notice an improvement within 2-3 sessions, they carry on for a few more to ensure they get strong again in their own security of well-being.

Be Strong, Be Calm, Be in Control of How You Feel.