Food Intolerances

Is your intolerance making you intolerant?

How does it work?

Food in all its wondrous glory is an amazing gift.  Colours, textures, tastes, smells and even sounds from the crunch of crisp apple to the dollop sucking noise of thick yoghurt.

 Food is here to:

  • feed us,
  • give us energy,
  • make us strong and flexible,

Without it we die.  So why are so many people tired, weak, in pain and even ill.  Could it be in part that some of the foods we are eating don’t suit our bodies.

We each have a unique DNA, you have a unique finger print, a unique eye retina, could it be that you have a unique blueprint as to what foods suit and nourish your body.

What Can a Food Intolerance Check Help?

On it’s own one of these sessions can let you know what foods may be draining your body of energy, causing your body to be stressed in a chemical way.  You can then choose to make changes and see what changes happen.

As part of an on-going plan to improve your health, incorporating responsible diet changes can increase energy, relieve physical symptoms such as diarrhoea, abdominal pain, improve focus and concentration.  The benefits can spread throughout the body to relieve other symptoms such as headaches, joint pain etc.  The digestive system will also be balanced during sessions and this brings harmony back to your stomach and intestines and therefore your whole body.

These are the symptoms in the body that I’ve seen helped most regularly in the last decade at Down To Earth Health, there have been many more so if you think your symptoms may be related to a food intolerance, get in touch with me.

That affect the rest of the body

That affect the digestive system

Fuzzy Brain/Poor ConcentrationLethargy or Chronic FatigueMuscle Aches or FibromyalgiaJoint Pain including ArthritisHeadaches & MigraineTiredness or FatigueDepression/AnxietyRespiratory Problems including: Asthma

Nasal Congestion

Chronic Cough

Sinus Problems


Skin Conditions including Eczema

BloatingConstipationDiarrhoeaAbdominal Pain or CrampingRefluxWind & FlatulanceIBS (Irritable Bowel Sydrome.

Be Healthy, Be Mindful, Be in Tune with What You Eat.