Combat Hay Fever – Build Stronger Immunity to Pollen

How does it work?

Using a combination of Kinesiology, Homeobotanicals and Nutrition, the following symptoms can be reduced dramatically and often eliminated.

What Can I Help?

Hayfever and other Alleriges for example Animal Allergies.  When the body causes an allergic response then inflammation can occur in the body.

Inflamed Sinuses             (cheekbone and above eyebrow areas)

Itchy Eyes


Scratchy Throat

Irritated Skin

Runny Nose

Certain herbal blends from the Homeobotanical range work wonderfully to ease the symptoms that can be very tormenting to the sufferer.  They also work well to strengthen your defence system (Immunity) helping you to build a better resistance against pollen in the future.

Diet can have a huge effect on your body, so there may be changes I will recommend that will ease the heat in your body causing the inflammation.  Nutritional imbalances and Food Intolerances may be checked if required.

Stress lowers the immune system quicker than most things.  Lifestyle changes may be suggested.  These can be something simple like taking three or four 60 second breaks throughout the day to breathe a bit more deeply.  Oxygen reduces the stress response in the body.

When Does it Happen?

It is helpful for you to have a few treatments from mid February onwards to strengthen you body for Summer when pollen is more active.

Even if you have missed the boat in Spring, many clients have been significantly helped even mid Summer so do get in touch for a chat and tell me about your symptoms.


Be Cool, Be Calm, Be Vital and Breathe Easy