How does it work?

Emotional Stress Release is just one of the techniques often used in this treatment.  It does what it says, it helps to release the stress ongoing in your life presently or from events in the past.  This enables you to feel happier and more in control.

What can I help?

Stress can cause a number of problems and this treatment is particularly good if the stress is from an emotional element.  When stressful periods happen in life it can feel like it is consuming our whole mind and it also has an effect on the body too.

Mental treadmill (thoughts whirling round and round, worried, feeling out of control)

Feeling stressed (sometimes knowing the reason, sometimes not)

Emotional (tearful, snappy, sad, withdrawn)

Panicky (anxious, breathing shallow or fast, heart racing, clammy hands)

When is it needed?

This is a great treatment if you find it hard to speak about what is troubling you.

Stress can be present in life due to a number of emotional reasons.

During times of stress the Bach Flower Essences can be a fabulous support.  There are 38 essences and each of them are linked to a specific emotion or feeling, e.g. Cherry Plum is helpful when you feel that life or events around you are out of control, Elm helps you when life feels overwhelming.  Up to seven of these essences can be blended together to give you a spectrum of support for your emotions.

Stress lowers the immune system quicker than most things.  The adrenals need a lot of nutritional support during stressful periods so extra supplements may be recommended.  The immune response can be one of the areas of the body that suffers with prolonged stress leading to: frequent infections, allergies and lowered energy levels.

Be Peaceful, Be Relaxed, Be Calm even When Life is Challenging.